The Paranych Affordable Housing Initiative

Why we launched the Paranych Affordable Housing Initiative

Many years ago it became very apparent to Terry Paranych that quiet, clean, safe, and AFFORDABLE rental accommodations were becoming more and more difficult to find. At that time he was a smaller property owner focused on offering good people quality homes at a fair rent. The problem was that the big companies were buying up buildings in Edmonton, converting them into condos, and escalating rents through the roof! In some cases, companies were raising by as much as 50%!

Greedy big businesses taking advantage of renters

With these big rental companies padding profit margins and pleasing shareholders, Edmontonians have been left gouged with skyrocketing rental rates. Terry Paranych found himself with huge waiting lists of renters, requesting his affordable properties, no longer able to afford their current rental rates. Unfortunately, Paranych Rental Communities rarely have vacancies due to the clean and safe units they offer at reasonable rates. At Paranych Rental Communities, we continue to meet more and more good people looking for fair rent.

Filling a need for affordable rent!

Paranych saw a need in Edmonton and was inspired to acquire great rental units, at a great price. This value allows Paranych Rental Communities to offer clean, quiet, safe, and AFFORDABLE homes. We specialize in acquiring apartment buildings that are well kept, clean, safe and we are strict with this criteria so we can pass that value along to our renters. Today, we are proud to offer the Paranych Affordable Housing Initiative to hundreds of qualified renters.

How do you qualify?

If you're someone who can only afford to pay $850 or less per month you may qualify! Simply fill out the form below and share with our office your contact information so we can work to get you qualified for the Paranych Affordable Housing Initiative.

Email Paranych Rental Communities for a quote today!

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