Rental tips for moving to Edmonton

Things to think about when moving:

  • First, give friends and family a call and set up a moving day on the last weekend of the month.
  • If you need a moving trailer or van, book these weeks in advance to insure they are available.
  • Compare these costs against hiring a moving company. If you are moving to Edmonton from a far distance, a professional moving company may make more sense.
  • Collect boxes and extra newspaper (for glassware) weeks ahead of time. Start early packing by filling them with things you won't need right away (ie. winter clothes in the summer).
  • Label your boxes with their contents, as well as where it will go in your new home.
  • Give yourself a few days of cleaning time your new place. Even though it may be empty, most tenants try to move in the first day they can. That leaves the landlord little time to do a thorough cleaning if the place was rented until the day you move in.
  • Expect to do some cleaning to the point you are comfortable.
  • Expect to do some repairs & painting in your new place. If you are considering new interior paint, ask the landlord if it is ok to paint rooms in your house or apartment. Often, there is no time between tenants and it is difficult to paint every year. A likely scenario is the landlord buys the paint, you will likely get permission.
  • Do a walk-through of the property before you move in. Make note of any problems by writing and present them to the landlord. Make sure you both keep signed copies until you move out.
  • Change name(s) on the mailbox so the mailman knows who lives in your rental.

Costs of Moving

  • Expect to pay up to 1 1/2 months rent for your new building's security deposit and keep your place in good shape if you expect to keep it.
  • Have one person collect money and pay bills for the house. Remind roommates ahead of time that money is due.
  • Open a new bank account in the local area in order to pay all your bills. If you are sharing a property, it will be much easier to collect all of the checks for rent and utilities so you can make the payments with one check.
  • Pay your rent on time or early. Get in the habit of paying it on time the 1st few months and then it will be easy.
  • If you go away for the holiday's make sure you arrange payment of rent while you are gone to avoid fines. If you won't be around, let you landlord know.
  • When you go away during winter months, make sure you lower the heat to avoid wasting money. DO NOT turn it off altogether or your pipes will freeze. Always let your landlord know if your will be gone.
  • Ask the landlord for information on the average utility costs. Expect to pay a little more until you have lived there for a few months.


  • Divide responsibilities among roommates before you move in. Each person can have one or two chores like taking out the garbage, cleaning the bathrooms or paying the bills. Switch duties every few months.
  • When you report a problem to the landlord, make sure you understand when it will be fixed and if you need to be home. Often landlords can not respond same day but if you agree on a time they will likely be more responsive.
  • Be aware of what items you are responsible for repairing. Items such as light bulbs, broken windows, holes in walls are usually tenant costs once you moved in. Try to do some of the repairs yourself to save money.

Getting Along

  • Get a central basket or table for your mail to avoid misplacing bills and notices. This is all the more important if you have roommates.
  • If you are not sure that your living quarters are legal, make sure you discuss this with your landlord before you move in. You do not want to be evicted by the city after you have made it your home.
  • Do not mislead your landlord on how many people are living in the home. City inspectors typically inspect rental properties and will evict residents if there are too many people for the property.


  • Ensure all smoke detectors and other safety devices are operating when you move in. Try to check them on a monthly basis.
  • Put out the garbage and recycling on the right days. Don't stockpile them or you will get rodents.
  • If your garbage or recycling is not picked up, bring it back to the house. Cities and towns often ticket for garbage out on a non-collection day.
  • Have your mail on hold when you go away.
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